Disktective Manual (1.6 Mb)

To download the manual for version 5.0.1,
you can click on one of the links below:

disktective_manual.exe (location 1)
disktective_manual.exe (location 2)
disktective_manual.exe (location 3)

To install the manual, just copy the file (disktective_manual.exe) into the program's directory, after which it can be opened by clicking Menu: Help/Manual (in Disktective 5.0 or higher). The manual runs by itself, it has its own built-in viewer.

The manual exe-eBook is created using TreePad Business Edition and compiled with TreePad's exe-eBook Creator (freeware). Both manual and viewer program are contained inside one executable file.


Online Manual:

Just click on this link and the online Disktective manual will open in your Web browser.
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